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Starting from $9.00 a week unlimited training at all venues and locations. Contact us to find out more!

Family Deals - Please ask!

Grading fee for individual will be $40.00, Belt fee $10.00 - if students are good enough to double grade, there will be no extra charge or paying double the grading fee!

Family Discounts Available!

Annual Membership NZITF $30.00

NZITF Grading Booklet  $20.00 (New Students - Grading Booklet included in membership fee)

HB ITF Uniform: $60.00 - Family Discounts Available!

Set of high quality sparring gear (hands & foot): $60.00

Personal Training

HB ITF offers one on one training which the student can choose what they want to focus on. Cost is dependant on duration and frequency of the training each week. Contact HBITF for further details. If you require us to come to your house, there will be a base fee of $20.00 to cover fuel costs each time.

10th Gup

9th Gup

8th Gup

7th Gup

6th Gup

5th Gup

4th Gup

3rd Gup

2nd Gup

1st Gup

1st Degree - The Start!

2nd Degree

3rd Degree

4th Degree - International Instructor

5th Degree

6th Degree

7th Degree - Master

8th Degree

9th Degree - Grandmaster